Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I have been in my current job for two years. Another job opens up in my market that would be the next logical promotion for me. In other markets, when this has happened, the people in my job have gained automatic promotions to that job. In my case, they are posting the job, and looking for external candidates, while still asking me to apply and be considered for the job. The only reasons I can gather that they are going this route is that 1) the job would require relocation, and 2) the other people that have been auto-promoted have done this job before at other companies, whereas I have not. That said, for the 3 years I have been with this company, my performance ratings have been above average, and will remain that way for my upcoming review for my 4th year.

My question -- should I be pissed off that they are not just giving me the promotion? Or rather, am I wrong for being a little pissed off they are not just giving me the promotion? Or am I just being a spoiled brat for expecting that it should be handed to me, based on my previous work?


nathan halley said...

I'd suggest that you become like me. Just become bitter and resigned to a fate of hating every minute of your working career. Then promotions, job changes, all of that stuff stops mattering.