Sunday, July 6, 2008


Audrey is gone this weekend. She left Thursday morning, and doesn't get back until tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. Allow me to sum up how I have spent my holiday weekend while she has been gone:

  • 2 nights of excessive binge drinking
  • 2 days wasted working off hangovers
  • Watched "Star Wars V" and "First Blood" back to back
  • Spent roughly 14 hours sitting on the computer bored out of my mind (mostly because of the hangovers, but still)
  • Turned house into a complete trainwreck
  • Today I have eaten 3 eggs and 2 biscuits, instead of cooking a nice dinner for myself like I had planned
  • I have accomplished none of my not-too-ambitious goals for the weekend, including getting at least one long bike ride in, fixing the garbage disposal, and doing laundry
It is a damn good thing she is around, because my life would be frighteningly and dangerously pathetic if she wasn't.

That doesn't really say a whole lot for me, does it?